Учебный курс для звукорежиссёров

Golden Ears is an audio ear-training course for recording engineers, producers and musicians.

These drills will help you learn to identify and name frequency bands, time delays, reverb times, and approximate EQ curves. There is also a set of AB drills, which I think of as "mastering engineer's paranoia" drills. I think these may be the most important drills of all. On the drawing boards (I've been very lazy about this!) are drills for relative loudness and compression.

I'm personally very proud of these drills, and pleasantly surprised and honored by how widely they've been adopted and put into use around the world. A whole lot of private individuals, studios, broadcasting organizations, colleges and universities have all adopted Golden Ears. I know of nothing else like them, except for a couple of very specialized and highly developed in-house computer programs for ear-training. Certainly nothing else that is commercially available. If you want to improve your audio hearing acuity and knowledge, these are a great tool!


Golden Ears will teach you:

• to recognize the effect of compression on a variety of different signals, and to identify fast and slow compressor release times

• to hear musically relevant equalization problems

• to recognize when loudness is the only difference between two signals

• to distinguish ranges of 1 -- 10% and 10 -- 30% Total Harmonic Distortion in musical examples

• to recognize anomalies in the stereo image (reverse image, mono summation, polarity reversal, pseudo-stereo etc.)

• to identify channel-to-channel time differences over the 1 - 50ms range

• to recognize gated and ungated reverb

(and much, much more, including 1/3 octave changes and double octave cuts and boosts).


Vol. 1: Frequencies

Trains you to recognize boosts and cuts in all ten octaves of the frequency spectrum. Progressive drills build from simple boosts in music to more demanding single octave cuts in pink noise.

Vol. 2: Effects & Processing

31 possible signal processing changes, grouped into simple families: amplitude change, gross and subtle distortion, slow and fast release compression, equalization changes, stereophony anomalies and time-delay / reverberation settings.

Vol. 3: Delays and Decays

Delay settings from tenths of a millisecond to whole seconds; panning / slap / spaciousness effects -- in mono and stereo, on sustained and transient sounds.

Reverb parameters -- predelays, decay times, etc. Invaluable when creating programs

Vol. 4: Master frequencies

Advanced EQ. Identify cuts and boosts to within a third of an octave; and two octave bands simultaneously boosted and/or cut.



"...the music business is about sound, and anything that can help you capture and manipulate better sounds merits a look. After repeated listenings, I was actually able to discern which octaves were being cut or boosted in the frequency drills... after getting over my terrible score, I realized that the ability to identify small nuances in signal processing can help fine-tune a good mix, or even save a tough one... The more you listen, the better you become."

-- Electronic Musician Magazine

"The AES Student Section at Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts is excited to provide the Golden Ears eartraining Program to its members as a great complement to their real world education."

-- Jacques Boulanger, Full Sail 1995

"...Golden Ears has given me the confidence to tackle some of the most exciting and demanding projects... Golden Ears provided me with an understanding of the audio post and sweetening needs... to work on the sound design for the world's largest Omnimax theater... after working at the eartraining course, mixing, synth programming and sound design just became second nature. I will request that it be a required text for all students."

-- David Musial, Music Technology Department, New York University



Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4 (total 8 CDs + Manual) = $220.00


   Сейчас Вы можете приобрести этот учебный курс гораздо дешевле, всего за 50$.

   В комплект входят 9 CD-дисков. Из них 8 аудио-CD, а девятый содержит отсканированный мануал на английском языке в версиях для PC и MAK.

    Обе версии содержат как JPG, так и растровые изображения в BMP. Это позволяет интерактивно работать с мануалом на любом компьютере без необходимости в его распечатке на бумаге.

   Заказать учебный курс GOLDEN EARS ("Золотые уши") можно, отправив письмо-заказ одним нажатием сюда.

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